this is basic but gender roles are rly absurd and it kills me, like someone gave out kinder surprise eggs today and she said there were girl ones and boy ones and like

my mom opened one and the toy was a little gorilla and my cousin’s gf was so horrified like “oh god im so sorry sometimes in the girl ones there are animals……. sorry”

like kk gorillas are off-limits? please bye let girls love gorillas dont u have better things to worry about. like taxes or The Economy? get real

"Naomi Privat", Harper’s Bazaar Germany, April 1991Photographer : Michel HaddiModel : Naomi Campbell 

"Naomi Privat", Harper’s Bazaar Germany, April 1991
Photographer : Michel Haddi
Model : Naomi Campbell 


Drivers these days.

my hair has been acting so stupid all day so im gonna fire its a** tonight

Green Light

Green Light | Beyoncé

I paused Blood on the Leaves to make sheep noises with my mom

I love us



"If that’s making you happy that’s brilliant. You know? People shouldn’t be so snobby. To say that “Beethoven is great but 2 Unlimited is crap” I think is rubbish because it’s just not that simple. It’s like saying “filet mignon is brilliant food but bananas are stupid to eat!” It’s not! You need all the different things."
One of my favourite Björk quotes on Musical Snobbery (via cibomatto)

god people spent way too much time asking kate bush about her hair and how it feels to be a “sex symbol/male fantasy”

like, you get the chance to talk to kate bush and those are your questions? really? you sac of TRASH

kate bush interviews are so relaxing i love her


don’t trust zayn i’m like 80% sure he’s just sucking the attractiveness out of his band mates. there is no other explanation to him looking like that while they look like that