shout outs part 2

Erika: I’m still v mad with myself for not following you earlier because you’re so cute and consistently funny what the heck is up with that???? I remember when you got your haircut and everyone was flipping out because it looks SO GOOD. also you’re the best Niall blogger out there so shout outs to you (+ your tags especially on 1D posts are always gold to me)

Victoria: I’ve been following you since like….. 3000BC probably and I can’t imagine this place without you. You’re so nice and smart and in love with Radiohead and music in general and I think you’re a really great person to know ^__^ I just want a lot of good things and people to happen to you :*

Jules: I feel like everybody on here genuinely loves you so much and there’s a reason for that (it’s because you’re so funny without even trying to be and you’re friendly and nice to everyone and you’re very considerate and kind and smart and just a really great person) (i love u and you deserve nice people and things in your life)

  1. thom-yorke-archive said: awwww Katherine :) :) :)
  2. mirrortraffic said: i love u katherine i hope i can hug you someday
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